This test was designed to help determine your Myer's Brigg personality type. This test and the questions contained herein are not guaranteed to give accurate results. For an accurate personality profile you should consult a professional psychological testing service.

These test questions are given in a random order. To have the questions in the same order each time, click here.

  1. On a date are you more likely to notice that something is wrong with your date or yourself?
    • Your date
    • Yourself
  2. Are you more goal oriented or more opportunistic?
    • Goal oriented
    • Opportunistic
  3. Are you neat and tidy or somewhat cluttered?
    • Tidy
    • Cluttered
  4. A friend invites you to a movie one night, but you have a few things you have to get done. Are you more likely to go to put things off and go to the movie or turn down the movie offer?
    • Turn down the offer
    • Go to the movie
  5. Are you more likely to stay to the end of the party or leave early?
    • End or party
    • Leave early
  6. Do you follow your head or follow your heart?
    • Head
    • Heart
  7. When something needs to be done are you more likely to plan first or just jump right in?
    • Plan
    • Jump In
  8. When making decisions do you use your head or follow your heart?
    • Head
    • Heart
  9. I feel work should be done before one plays or work should be flexible?
    • Work should be done before playing
    • Work should be flexible
  10. Are you more likely to plan out your day in detail or keep a few notes on what must be done?
    • Plan
    • Notes
  11. In the famous TV series "The Odd Couple" With whom do you identify more, Felix or Oscar?
    • Felix
    • Oscar
  12. Are you more of an observer or a thinker?
    • Observer
    • Thinker
  13. Do you do things based on rational logical choices or because it feels like the right thing to do?
    • Rational
    • Feels
  14. Socializing is energizing or draining?
    • Energizing
    • Draining
  15. Are you are you more likely to organize or let things play themselves out?
    • Organize
    • Let things play out
  16. Are deadlines important and useful or annoying and restricting?
    • Important
    • Annoying
  17. Are you more likely to have your feet on the ground or to reach for the stars?
    • Have your feet on the ground
    • Reach for the stars
  18. In an argument are you initially more likely to try to win over your opponent or to listen to their side?
    • Win over
    • Listen
  19. If you notice your date has their fly open or something stuck between their teeth, are you more likely to tell them or make subtle hints and ignore the problem - hoping they will discover it?
    • Tell
    • Hint or ignore
  20. I feel work should be fun and enjoyable.
    • Yes
    • No
  21. Do you feel that emotions cloud logic or being too logical makes you lose touch with your feelings?
    • Emotions cloud logic
    • Logic makes you out of touch
  22. Are you more likely to keep your feelings in or express them to others?
    • Keep in
    • Express
  23. I understand the way things work pretty well.
    • Yes
    • No
  24. Are you a better speaker or a better listener?
    • Speaker
    • Listener
  25. Are you more likely to see one clear path or to notice alternatives?
    • One path
    • Alternatives
  26. Are you more likely to give others advice on how to solve a problem or to comfort them?
    • Advise
    • Comfort
  27. Are people more likely to describe you as cold or warm hearted?
    • Cold
    • Warm
  28. Are you more likely to notice every detail or miss a few unimportant items?
    • Every detail
    • Miss the unimportant
  29. What energizes you more spending time with others, spending time alone?
    • With others
    • Alone
  30. Are you more realistic or more imaginative?
    • Realistic
    • Imaginative
  31. At a large party are you more likely to be in a big group or spending time with a few friends?
    • Big group
    • Few friends
  32. When you are with people are you more likely to be talking or listening
    • Talking
    • Listening
  33. I understand myself pretty well.
    • No
    • Yes
  34. Are you comfortable meeting strangers?
    • Yes
    • No